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Welcome to these pages! Here you can find some really lovely pieces of literature and some useful programs, available for free.

In the Literature section you can read through the some of the poems of the American novelist Edgar Allan Poe. Here are some of his greatest texts - "The Raven", "The City In The Sea", "Annabel-Lee", "Alone", etc.

In the Programs section you can find some useful pieces of software. Namely, you can read about and download SiSMS - the program, which allows you to read through the SMS archive of your Siemens mobile phone. Siemens SMS features searching in text or number in *.smi (Siemens inbox SMS files) and *.smo (Siemens outbox SMS files), phonebook, message details, EMS support, convenient folder browsing and much much more.

And in the Samsung E570 section there is a little information about the MP3 file formats supported by that beautiful jewel for the better half of the hummanity.